What Are the Odds? a memoir
Ken Cornacchione


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  • ISBN: 978-1-956897-46-3
  • Publication Date: Aug 6, 2024
  • 134 pages, white paper, 6" x 9" glossy paperback with black-and-white photos
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Are you feeling overwhelmed with circumstances in your life? Do you feel the odds are against you? What Are the Odds? details Ken Cornacchione's experiences in overcoming a childhood with an alcoholic and drug-addicted mother to achieve significant personal and financial success. As an experienced financial consultant and teacher for over forty years, Ken draws on his varied experiences to delineate characteristics and cost-free action steps to create a fulfilling and rewarding life. He believes that it's not important what happens in life but rather what you do with what happens. Do you want strategies to increase your odds for success?

About the Author

A financial consultant for over forty years, Ken utilizes his personal experiences to suggest characteristics and action steps to achieve a rich, rewarding, and resplendent life. Ken graduated from a private college in three years, subsequently obtained three master's degrees, and was trained by Deepak Chopra to teach The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Ken now lives in southwest Florida and enjoys extensive travel throughout the world and hiking adventures with his wife, Cindy, and his dog, Finnegan. In addition, he enjoys frequent gatherings with friends, boating, golfing, and a variety of activities the climate affords.