K–University Book Publishing: Efficient & Exciting Education

Book Publishing is an effective way to . . .
  • Nurture eager lifelong learners
  • Boost esteem and performance
  • Cultivate a culture and climate of engagement
  • Further major initiatives and individual objectives
You can . . .
  • Encompass themes, standards and multiple subjects
  • Incorporate real-world activities, project-based & service learning
  • Fund the project through book sales, grants, and/or crowdfunding (NO BUDGET REQUIRED)
  • Customize to fit your needs and situation

Together we'll tailor your publishing project to meet the objectives of your school. We're here to assist every step of the way.

Ideas for Schools

Call us at (314) 827-6567 or email info@penandpublish.com and we'll delve into how publishing your book can serve you.

Need help with themes and what to write about?
  • Joining generations and families
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Life Skills
  • Community Building
  • The Environment
  • Local History
  • Express the heart of a poet
  • Recount school or family stories
  • Inspire others with courage and determination
  • Interview family members
  • Research and share your findings
  • Tell funny stories and tall tales
  • Raise your independent voices

See cover samples and get inspired for your next book!

Praise from Educators

"Thank you very much for your assistance with publishing The Apollo. I really appreciate the time you spent answering all of my many questions throughout the year. . . . The book turned out amazing as it does every year through your publishing company!"

"[Element] turned out amazing, and we are so thrilled with the way it turned out! . . . [Pen & Publish] did an amazing job, and we absolutely love it! Also, we want to personally thank you again for all of your help and assistance in making this book possible. Your time and energy spent on sending information, answering questions, giving us timelines, helping us as we passed deadlines, and also assisting us with design issues is greatly appreciated!"

—Lee Ann, PA teacher and literary magazine co-coordinator

". . . A wonderful experience. The staff was extremely helpful and the final product was extraordinary! The students are overjoyed at seeing their work in an actual book, and the pride they feel is evident on their faces."

—Bethany Eldridge, teacher and project chairperson

"Pen & Publish has recreated the reading and writing experience for students. Their excitement is like music to the soul."

—Ann Marie DeLuccio, Elementary Education

"The students were delighted to have a book in which they were the stars! Many parents told us that their children enjoyed reading the book over and over again. I've seen lots of pride and empowerment as students read their poems aloud from a real book and shared their poetry with others. Teachers were extremely pleased with the way the book turned out, and found it to be an excellent tool to meet state standards in an enjoyable manner. This was a wonderful project in which everyone benefited."

—Michelle Henderson, Family Literacy Coordinator

"A very creative and enlightened approach to championing the challenges of fundraising by igniting the passions and creativity of the educational community."

—Carol Clark, Elementary Educator

Download and print an example school publishing agreement here.