Penn & Ava
Susan Victoria Becher


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  • ISBN: 978-1-956897-43-2
  • Publication Date: Jul 23, 2024
  • 240 pages, cream paper, 6" x 9" paperback
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Growing up in Westwood, Pennsylvania, Ava Pierson was perfectly content to exist in the shadow of her older sister, Jacklyn. That is until Jacklyn unexpectedly stops speaking to her and leaves for college. Suddenly, Ava realizes she's trapped in a life that doesn't feel at all like her own.

As her junior year of high school begins, Ava is paired with the class know-it-all for an English project. Immediately she wishes Penn Abrams would kindly go back to scribbling in his day planner and leave her alone. Yet Ava quickly learns Penn has no intention of minding his own business. Instead, he leans in and invites her onto a path filled with community, creativity, and adventure.

Torn between a fractured family, the resurfacing of past trauma, and the future looming ever closer, it's up to Ava to choose between standing still or running toward what might finally make Westwood feel like home.

About the Author

Susan Victoria Becher

Susan Victoria Becher is an author, poet, and musician who spent most of her early adulthood editing and ghostwriting other people's work before she decided it was time to start writing for herself. Her biggest award so far is the "Most Improved" trophy she won in high school orchestra as it symbolizes the journey she is on to always be self-reflective and relentlessly pursue what she loves.

You can find her poetry on Instagram @simpleunitypoetry. She's also working on writing her first album and hopes to share her musical work soon. Her greatest goal in life is to inspire others to be true to themselves and follow their passions, even if it seems like it's too late. She can assure you it most certainly isn't.

Susan can be found on any given day exploring her city, connecting with friends both old and new, or working on one of her many creative pursuits. She currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She is working on her graduate degree to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in hopes to serve children impacted by trauma.

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