Benefits of Student Publishing

Publishing Designed to Fit Your Mission

No Upfront Investment Required

Publishing . . .
  • Connects children to books like nothing else can
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence
  • Celebrates creative expression
  • Honors every Voice
  • Tracks one’s development as a writer
  • Motivates reading as well as writing
  • Promotes understanding and communication
  • Brings your initiatives to life
  • Offers a relevant way to raise funds
  • Exposes participants to the world of publishing
  • Gives you a great excuse to have a book release party
  • Creates a treasured keepsake
  • Fulfills a dream
What can you expect?
  • Control over your content and program
  • Creative and caring help every step of the way
  • Layers of value for the individual and the organization
  • Quality book design and printing
  • Fair book pricing
  • To be eager to do it again!

Fundraising is a natural, but not mandatory, component of our publishing services. Your cost allows you to offer books at a reasonable charge. You set the selling prices that fit your community and objectives. We help you promote and sell your book.

This report, Research Conclusions on Student Publishing, is condensed from teacher and author Chris Weber's website.

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