Stories in Stone
Stinesville Elementary School, Indiana, USA & Nadia Nencioni Elementary, Florence, Italy


  • Publication Date: Jan 1, 2012
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Stories in Stone is a compilation of thoughts, ideas, sketches, poems, stories, drawings, photographs, and paintings by students and staff of Stinesville Elementary and Nadia Nencioni Elementary. Both schools share a Quarry-town heritage and inspiration! Student work has been collected all year, beginning with the Personal Identity Project which invited students to reflect upon who they are—their unique beliefs, interests, traits, and symbolism.

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About the Author

The authors and artists represented in Stories in Stone share environments where stone quarry men risked their lives to provide for their families; others left their messages carved in the beautiful limestone and marble resources abundant in their lands. The Big Creek Limestone Company in Stinesville, Indiana, provided the limestone time capsule that will hold Stories in Stone for generations to come.