The Apollo Literary Magazine: 26th Edition, 2022
Arcola Intermediate School


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  • Publication Date: May 27, 2022
  • 6 x 9 in., 64 pages
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The Apollo is a collection of literary pieces by Arcola students and is named for the Greek god, Apollo. This even-tempered son of Zeus was celebrated as the god of the sun, light, and reason. Pictured as exceptionally handsome, Apollo was honored as the protector of athletics. Apollo was also the patron of many arts, including poetry, music, as well as medicine, archery, and agriculture. We proudly present the 26th edition of The Apollo, Arcola Intermediate School's literary book featuring the creative writing of over 30 seventh and eighth graders. It is the result of much effort by the literary staff, the Apollo Club, which is composed of talented editors, writers, and illustrators, who were selected and/or recommended by teachers for the Company.

About the Author

Arcola Intermediate School is located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania and is part of the Methacton School District. The school is composed of over 800 seventh and eighth graders and is filled with talented writers, artists, musicians, athletes, readers, mathematicians, scientists, and students of all subject areas.